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Have you been frustrated, worried or even anxious about your vision decline and all the money you have to spend with no end in sight?

No matter if you’ve already been wearing glasses for decades, or are just noticing your vision getting worse, you have a feeling that the traditional eye care system isn’t really going to help you regain better eyesight… or even help you to keep your vision at its current level!

Glasses and contacts are like Pills for the eyes.

“Corrective lenses” don’t actually correct anything! Not only will they create a dependency for the rest of your life, but they will make your vision worse.

Think of your failing eyesight as similar to the engine light in a car.

It’s an indicator that something is wrong, that you need to look under the hood and take action to repair something.

I have found in my decade-long experience working as a natural vision teacher that everyone was severely STRESSED when their vision first took a nosedive, just like I was in my own life.

Where do You have major stressors in your current life that affect your vision?

Or maybe there was stress in your past?

Even so-called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) could be the root cause of your initial blur. Once they stuck you in glasses, that vision decline was guaranteed to stay.

Glasses or contacts allow you to see clearly despite all that stress. Like when taking pills, there’s no feedback that you need to make changes to your habits and lifestyle.

What if there was another option? What if you could re-discover the right way to see again, reverse vision decline, and even begin to regain clarity?

Sound interesting?

Are you wondering if this really works and how long it would take for you to see results?

After all, you may be super busy and the idea of making more time in your day to do eye exercises seems impossible.

Well, I have good news!

You can learn easy techniques to begin to improve your vision again, right now.

We offer several programs, depending on the stage you are in and what you need.

You can start for FREE by downloading the 10 Habits for Healthy & Happy Eyes Vision Improvement Guide.

You will learn easy-to-implement habits to begin improving your eyesight naturally, so you can get started on the path to never needing glasses again.

Get My Free 10 Habits For Healthy & Happy Eyes Guide

Download the 10 HABITS guide and start to restore your eyesight naturally, so you can ditch your glasses and contacts for good!

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Glasses and contacts are “pills for the eyes.”

“Corrective lenses” don’t actually correct anything! Not only will you need them for the rest of your life but they will make your vision worse.

Claudia Muehlenweg

What our Customers are Saying...

Eyes felt very lubricated. Enjoying the short videos and tasks that can be completed almost anywhere. Sharing a checklist or daily routine would be fantastic.

Sonja Woynick

Fabulous! Everything about this course worked for me. I loved the experiences and the thinking behind the experiences. These are life practices that I will incorporate daily into my routine. I love that I don’t feel like I have to do 90 minutes straight of eyeball exercises to get the vision that I’m working for!

Karla Huntsman

This training dovetails with my other self-care practices so well. I have taken my eyes, and lack of good eyesight, for granted and accepted the contacts and readers way too long.

Diane Crosby

What a wonderful course! ?
I love the short, clear instructions of the simple activities that can be easily implemented in a daily routine. My daughter of 13 years followed the course with me and she liked it as well (it’s sometimes a challenge to keep a teenager’s attention ?)
Now it’s up to us to make these good habits last but knowing that Claudia will be there in case we need her is very reassuring!

Maaike Cardinaels

Oh… my… goodness! What a game changer. I am LOVING these tension busting relaxation practices. This one is incredible. The releases I’ve felt are so deep. I don’t enjoy going on FB, but these practices make me excited to share my experience and read about other folks.

Caren Skibell

I noticed my vision became sharper after my first palming session.

Suzanne El Gamal

Which Program is best to start with?

To make it easier for you to decide which program to begin with, we have created this guide to help you identify which stage you are at.

SURVIVOR: Waiting for eye doctor verdict
“My vision has been declining and I’ve resigned myself to getting stronger glasses every year.”

EXPLORER: Willing to try vision improvement if easy and quick results
“What if my eyes could begin to improve instead of getting worse?”

PATHFINDER: Looking for quick fix programs and techniques
“I believe that this could work, and I am ready to start taking better care of my eyes.”

ADVENTURER: Selecting a quality program that fits into their life
“I believe I can see clearly again when I pay attention to my stress levels and habits and have the right protocol.”

VOYAGER: Upgrading habits through a comprehensive protocol
“I know I can improve my vision by committing to holistic practices.”

PIONEER: Refining practices as a guardian of their vision
“My vision gives me freedom, I never stop learning how to see well and enjoying life to the fullest.”

GUIDE: Looking for quick fix programs and techniques
“Natural Vision Improvement has given me so much joy and purpose that I want to share this work with others.”

Which of the stages do you currently best identify with?

We know you are not at 0 SURVIVOR, or you wouldn’t be here!

If you are in stages 1 or 2, the 21 Days To Better Eyesight Experience is the perfect program for you, beyond my free resources. 21 Days is easy to implement into your lifestyle and you see quick results with a minimum amount of time, energy and money investment.

Once you have the foundations from 21 Days implemented, you can continue with the Naturally Clear Vision program where you get into the advanced techniques for your specific vision concerns: nearsighted, farsighted, amblyopia, etc.

You can, of course, jump directly into Naturally Clear Vision if you are at stage 3 or higher in the vision improvement journey.

Which Program Is Right For You?

Most of my online vision improvement programs are self-study courses that you can go through at your own speed. When you have questions, you can join one of our live coaching calls.

21 Days To Better Eyesight Experience

A three week, 3 module vision improvement program that you will give you a solid understanding of vision improvement

Start Now

Naturally Clear Vision

An advanced, 5 module holistic vision improvement online coaching program that you will finish with weaker or no glasses at all.

Start Now

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying

Natalie Walker
21 Days to Better Eyesight Experience
Linda Dick
Naturally Clear Vision
Joy Rika
Live Immersion
Wheaton Mahoney
Naturally Clear Vision
Jennifer Swank
Clear Vision Club
Meg Simon
Clear Vision Club

Free Vision Improvement Resources

If you’re not ready yet to jump into one of my online vision improvement courses, that’s totally fine! As an Explorer (Stage 1), you may want to first see for yourself that this works and can help you see clearly naturally.

I have several FREE resources to help you learn more about natural vision improvement and how you can achieve naturally clear vision for yourself.

10 Habits for Healthy & Happy Eyes

Vision Improvement Guide
Download Now

YouTube Channel Clear Vision Wednesday Vodcast



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