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My Favorite Vision Improvement Products

All the products listed below are products that I have found helpful to support the vision improvement journey. That’s why I am using them myself every single day!

Queen of The Thrones Castor Oil Packs for Eyes & Liver

Embrace the luxury of deep, restorative sleep and inner/outer radiance with the Queen of the Thrones Organic Cotton Castor Oil Eye Mask. The nightly ritual of applying Organic Castor Oil around your eyes and donning the cotton-soft Eye Compress promotes melatonin for rejuvenating sleep. Beyond its tranquil effects, this dynamic duo supports feel-good hormones, reduces signs of aging and enhances lashes and brows. To help your eyes even more, add the Liver Pack. 
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C60 Power Carbon 60

Recognized as a potent antioxidant, Carbon 60 (C60) neutralizes free radicals, alleviating oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and allowing the body to naturally heal. Paired with the myriad benefits of certified organic oils and sublimated C60, this potent gift embraces the healing properties of C60 for holistic well-being, more energy, a clearer brain and improved eye health. It’s my daily dose of energy and antioxidant “insurance”.
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Ascent Nutrition Algae DHA Omega-3 Oil

95% percent of people living in land-based countries are deficient in Omega-3s. DHA is an important component of omega-3 fatty acids that helps with light facilitation throughout the eyes, giving us night vision and peripheral vision benefits in addition to being neuro-protective. Algae Oil can be a more efficient source for obtaining the recommended one to two grams per day of Omega-3 fatty acids compared to consuming five to ten servings of salmon per week.
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Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls

I first discovered these “Balls of Bliss” at a Yoga Conference in 2014. They are pliable and grippy balls that connect you deeply to your tissues and help you let go of tension, stiffness and even painful trigger points. I had no idea how much tension I was holding in my body until I met these little miracle workers. Myofascial release work has since become a core component of my Naturally Clear Vision Method known as “Roll & Relax”.
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Overbound Clarity Eyesight Trainer

One of my former students, Irena Castle, wanted to help improve her son's ball game, after noticing how little the kids use their peripheral visual field. She developed a tool that is easy to use and can help children and adults expand their visual field, improve clarity and binocular vision. The Overbound Clarity Eyesight Trainer is a fantastic tool for anyone wanting to improve their vision naturally, and crucial to improve strabismus, squint, amblyopia and double vision.
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“Junk light” Blocking Glasses by Vivarays

As we spend more time indoors and in front of screens, our eyes are exposed to indoor “junk light” which also affects our circadian clock and sleep. Vivaray's innovative technology helps reduce eye strain and improve sleep by blocking detrimental blue and green light from our tech devices as well as LEDs, fluorescent and other junk light sources to mimic the full spectrum from natural light. The orange and red filters provide circadian support after sunset.
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Saccadic Vision Shifter by Art for Transformation

This Saccadic Shifter supports eyes in making small shifts that foster visual clarity through movement. By effectively interrupting the unconscious habit of staring and strain, the Saccadic Vision Shifter becomes a foundational key to creating better vision. Each handmade design comes with clear instructions. These shifters are available in custom colors and are see-through. That makes them a great tool for upgrading your sunning practice with strobing..
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Fluidstance Balance Board

Getting a Fluidstance balance board was a big game changer for my own vision. When you stand on a Fluidstance board at your standing desk, you experience gentle movement without struggling to stay “aboard” like you would on a Pilates board or Bozu ball. The movement, that you completely control, helps your eyes to relax so you can see clearly when being on the computer for any period of time. Works great in the kitchen too. And it helps improve your balance.
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