Episode 1: No Glasses for Sal

On the last day of 2016, I had the pleasure to interview Sal Meraz. Despite his advanced age, he doesn’t suffer from presbyopia (commonly called “old age sight”) and has never worn glasses, ever. We first met at a restaurant, where I witnessed his ease at reading the menu which was printed on blue paper, a rather low contrast.

In fact, he even renewed his drivers license last year! The only reason he is currently not driving is a bad fall that broke his leg in three areas. He cannot wait to get rid of his walker, which he currently uses to walk four miles daily. In addition to that, he rides his stationary bike every day while watching the news on TV.

He also reads the newspaper and two magazines daily, and stays in touch with family and friends by texting on his iPhone which he got a couple of years ago. And just in case you are wondering: He has not enlarged the type on his phone.

So what are his secrets to great health and perfect eyesight? Listen in and find out!

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