Naturally Clear Vision

Naturally Clear Vision

In Naturally Clear Vision you go beyond the solid foundations of 21 Days. You will learn how to read your eyeglasses prescription, measure your vision and understand fully why your vision declined in the first place. The program provides you with vision charts and clear instructions on how to get weaker, inexpensive training glasses online if you cannot just “throw your glasses away” and function safely in daily life without them.

The program helps with all vision challenges including nearsightedness, farsightedness, “old age” sight, squint, lazy eye, and eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and AMD.

You will also get training and coaching around your “Inner Game”. That’s all about resolving inner blocks to clarity, be they mental or emotional. Creating a “future self” with naturally clear vision is a cornerstone of making that a reality.

Naturally Clear Vision includes live weekly group coaching,  access to the Roll & Relax on-demand video library as well as lifetime access to the course materials!



Linda Dick
Karla Huntsman
Wheaton Mahoney
Jahanavi Priola
Stephanie Ko
Laurie Schell
Jeanetta Hill
Solange Carpenen
Debbie Stern
Pam Magerle
Sandra Griffin