Mobile & GDPR Compliance

Holistic Vision LLC and GDPR Compliance

Due to the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation for all EU citizens, you, as Holistic Vision LLC client have a right to know answers on some essential questions regarding the collection and keeping of your personal data.

What is GDPR and How it Affects You?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced on May 25, 2018. GDPR is a legislative change in the EU data protection laws which seeks to strengthen the security and privacy of personal data in the EU. Holistic Vision LLC is committed to adhering and meeting the requirements of this new regulation to ensure the security and privacy of both our customers and residents of the EU. To satisfy the requirements of GDPR we’ve implemented several best practices and processes as specified by the GDPR guidelines.

Who Does GDPR Apply to?

GDPR applies to any company or organization that collects personal data of EU residents. This not only applies to companies or organizations within the EU, but to those anywhere in the world as long as they are collecting EU-resident data.

Your core rights as an EU citizen according to the GDPR in terms of Holistic Vision LLC service:

  • You have a right to know what kind of your data is collected by Holistic Vision LLC
  • You have a right to know why these data are collected
  • You have a right to agree or disagree to the data collection during the very first interaction with our website/app
  • You have a right to change/delete your personal data you’ve provided Holistic Vision LLC
  • You have a right to know how Holistic Vision LLC secures your personal data
  • You have a right to disagree with the collection of the certain personal data
  • You have a right to know how you can change/delete/disagree to the collection of your data

What is Holistic Vision LLC doing to prepare for GDPR compliance?

Much of the GDPR when it comes into effect in May 2018 builds on the existing EU data protection framework which we are already well placed for. Our service will hold to the Statements and Privacy Policy of GDPR. As well, we took steps to improve the following points:

  • The Holistic Vision LLC team uses a Privacy Policy to help ensure the client’s data is secure.
  • Holistic Vision LLC enables its clients to disallow the Personal data process for marketing purposes at any time by contacting us.
  • We will delete our user’s Personal data after getting a request mail from the user.
  • Holistic Vision LLC consumers can send us a request to see the collected data.


What kind of your data Holistic Vision LLC collect?

To ease the customer journey using our service, we collect some of your personal information. Complying with GDPR regulations, we make sure that our customers are informed about all aspects of data collecting. When starting using our apps, you can be asked to provide the following information:

  • CRM credentials
  • e-mail address

We do not store any of these data. The credits (consumable items in the apps) are connected to the encrypted key on the basis of your email. These data are only processed on our servers.

When you visit Holistic Vision LLC website, our server records the information sent from your browser (we use cookies for this):

  • web request (e.g. date, time, etc.)
  • IP address
  • browser type
  • browser language
  • one or more cookies identifying your browser

What are cookies?

The small bits of text in data files are named Cookies. They can be downloaded to your browser (on your computer or gadget) when you surf websites. Their primary purpose is to collect bits of useful information about your interaction with the website. As well, it can help remember your setup, understand preferences, ease the further logging into a service and make it secure. For those reasons, Cookies are widely used by separate websites and online service providers to make them work efficiently and get reporting information. To the word, Cookies do not identify the person and are not software programs. So, they cannot install themselves or any other application on your computer/gadget. Here you can find more info how we use cookies: Holistic Vision LLC Cookie Policy.

How do we make sure that your data is 100% protected?

As we are working with personal data (which we collect via our website/service) and your data, we’ve developed the row of measures to ensure your data protection:

  • network firewalls
  • DDoS preventions (We use the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.)
  • network posture assessment

Our service provides you with HTTPS-encrypted communication, role-based authorization, and validation of all requests to ensure the security on the application level.

Why do we collect your personal data?

Due to the specifics of our services, we may collect your personal data for:

  • To improve customer service. Information customers provide helps to respond to customer service requests and meet the support needs more efficiently.
  • To personalize user experience. We may use information generally to understand how users as a group employ the services and resources provided by us.
  • To improve our Site. We may use feedback a User provide to improve our products and services.
  • To send recurring emails. We may use the email address to send User information and updates relevant to their order. It may also be used to respond to their inquiries, questions, and/or other requests. If User decides to opt-in to our mailing list, they will receive emails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information, etc. At any time, a User is able to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, we include detailed instructions at the bottom of each email or User may contact the support team via the Site.

What is Holistic Vision LLC’s data deletion and retention policy, and associated timescale?

Every service user/website visitor can demand Holistic Vision LLC to delete his Private data by sending a request mail to Please, note. The deleted data can not be restored. So, if the contact is removed, all his Personal data (name, email, password, phone number and info from Cookies) will be deleted. In short: the CRM details are saved for 30 days and will be deleted after this particular period of time. Please, inform us if you want the CRM information to be removed earlier.

Can I get access to the data that Holistic Vision LLC collect when I want it?

Yes! Our client’s support is available 24/7, so you can easily contact us and get access to the data that Holistic Vision LLC collect. To that, drop us a request mail here:

Holistic Vision LLC’s Commitment to GDPR Compliance

We are committed to our customers’ success, including compliance with the GDPR. Our privacy team is continually reviewing our features and practices to ensure we support our customers with their GDPR compliance requirements. We encourage all of our customers to start reviewing their data security processes in preparation for GDPR compliance.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to update, delete, or change any Personal Information we hold, or you have a concern about the way in which we have handled any privacy matter, please use send us a message to

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that this article should not be treated as legal advice in complying with the GDPR. The sole purpose of this article is to facilitate a better understanding of the approved EU data