How To Reduce The Strength Of Your Glasses

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As a holistic vision coach, my goal is to support and guide you in improving your vision naturally. A key piece of this journey is gradually reducing your glasses strength and your dependence on glasses. 

Let’s explore how you can do this safely and effectively.

Start by understanding your prescription

  • OD (Oculus Dexter): Right eye
  • OS (Oculus Sinister): Left eye
  • Sphere: Corrects nearsightedness (minus) or farsightedness (plus)
  • Cylinder: Indicates the degree of astigmatism
  • Axis: The orientation of astigmatism
  • Add: Additional magnification for reading or near tasks in multifocal lenses
  • PD (Pupillary Distance): Distance between your pupils

Safely reduce of your glasses

  1. Get regular eye exams to check for any underlying eye conditions first.
  2. Understand your specific glasses prescription – that’s key!
  3. Decrease your glasses strength gradually to avoid strain
  4. Use a Snellen eye chart to track your distance vision improvement over time.
  5. For your near vision, wear glasses that allow you to see daily text which is usually no smaller than 10 pt.
  6. For mild astigmatism under 1 diopter, you may not even notice if you remove that part of the correction. But still check with your eye doctor on any changes.

My top practical tips:

  • If you’re nearsighted, try removing your glasses for reading, computer use, etc. Especially if you wear single distance glasses or contacts for distance vision. It will help relax to use weaker glasses or “go naked” to close up tasks.
  • If you’re farsighted, grab some drugstore readers and experiment with the lowest power that doesn’t strain your eyes.
  • For driving, use your full prescription or get support from your eye doctor. In most states, the legal requirement for driving is only 20/40, not 20/20. But at the end of day, you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Lastly, knowing what your dominant eye is can influence how you reduce your glasses strength. Typically, the dominant eye will guide your overall vision. You don’t want to reduce the dominant eye too much.

An easy way to find your dominant eye:

  1. Make a triangle with your hands
  2. Focus on an object through the triangle
  3. Close one eye at a time – the eye that still sees the object is your dominant one

So that’s the game plan for getting out of glasses gradually. Stay consistent, but safe. Always double check with your eye doc. With patience and the right approach, better natural vision is achievable. Let me know if any part doesn’t make sense!

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Claudia Muehlenweg has helped thousands of people enhance their natural eyesight and overall well-being. She is deeply passionate about reconnecting clients with their purpose, confidence, and freedom.
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