Clear Up Styes, Chalazions, Blepharitis and other common eyelid issues

closed eyelid with a red chalazion

Eyelids are not just there to apply eye shadow on and make our eyes look more dramatic. Eye lids have an important job to do to maintain overall eye health and clear vision.

They play an important role in protecting our eyes from debris, distributing tears evenly across the surface of the eyes, and providing necessary moisture. 

Common eye lid issues like styes, chalazions, or blepharitis are not just affecting our looks but also our vision. So what causes these problems, how can we can you treat them, and most importantly, how can you prevent them?

  1. Blepharitis
    • What is it? Inflammation of the eyelids leading to red, swollen, and itchy eyelids. Often accompanied by flaky skin around the eyelashes.
    • What causes it? Allergies, rosacea, hormonal changes, diabetes, poor eyelid hygiene, and contact lens use.
    • What can I do? Maintain good eyelid habits by cleaning your eyelids with a gentle cleanser, avoid touching your eyes, and ensure proper makeup removal. 
  1. Chalazion
    • What is it? A painless bump on the eyelid caused by blocked oil glands.
    • What causes it? Rosacea, smoking, gastritis, anxiety, and vitamin A deficiency are among the common causes.
    • What can I do? Apply warm compresses to the eyelid, maintain good eyelid hygiene, and consider dietary modifications such as reducing intake of fried foods and caffeine.
  2. Stye
    • What is it? A painful, red bump on the eyelid caused by a bacterial infection.
    • What causes it? Staphylococcus infection, often due to poor eyelid hygiene.
    • What can I do? Regularly clean or replace makeup brushes and tools, avoid sharing makeup, and use antibacterial treatments as prescribed by a doctor.

Look At Options To Improve Your Lifestyle

Eyelid health is significantly influenced by lifestyle choices. A diet high in saturated fats, poor eyelid hygiene, and excessive screen time can lead to various eyelid conditions.

  • Dietary Choices: Eat a rainbow of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Avoid alcohol and ultra-processed foods as they can increase the risk of conditions like xanthelasma — a yellow growth in the corners of your eyelids — which is linked to high cholesterol levels.
  • Screen Time – Too much screen time can lead to decreased blink rates, causing dry eye and clogged glands. Taking regular breaks from the computer, frequent blinking, belly breathing, and looking into the distance every few minutes can help alleviate this.

Our Tips for Eyelid Care

  1. Use Natural Make Up Remover Products – Choose natural eye makeup removers like micellar water or organic castor oil, which are gentle on the eyes and effective in removing makeup without causing irritation.
  2. Practice Impeccable Cleanliness – Clean your eyelids every night. Soak and clean your makeup brushes and tools with alcohol once a week. Replace eye makeup at least every six months to prevent bacterial contamination. Use daily use contacts unless your contact lens hygiene protocol is impeccable. Don’t ever sleep with your contacts in!
  3. See an Eye Doctor – If you are not sure what it is, see an eye doctor and get an official diagnosis to prevent any serious problems in the future. Especially if the holistic approaches don’t improve the condition within a few days.

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More about Dr. Monisha, our expert guest on this episode:
Dr. Monisha Bhanote, MD, FCAP, ABOIM, is a renowned physician uniquely distinguished by her quintuple board certifications in integrative medicine, functional culinary medicine, cytopathology, and anatomic/clinical pathology. She is the visionary founder of WELLKULÅ, where ancient wisdom converges with contemporary mind-body science to forge pathways towards optimal health and longevity.

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