Tension headache relief: Get to know your occipitofrontalis

Are you suffering from frequent tension headaches, maybe accompanied by blurred vision? Or just a sense of tension around your eyes? Good news: There is a simple way to get relief for your tension headaches...
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Let your belly breathe for deep relaxation

We paradoxically often have a hard time relaxing. Not just when sitting or lying down to palm our eyes, but in daily life as well. We get wound up about about another driver cutting us off in...
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Stop “trying” and start “seeing”

This post could have also been tilted “Why you should ditch the word try from your vocabulary”. There are two issues with this pervasive and dangerous word. First, when we say we “try” to do...
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Tight trapezius? Add shoulders to your self massage regimen

In part 1 of this post I demonstrated a neck and head self massage to improve posture and eyesight. In addition to directly working on these areas, it’s important to massage the upper back muscles as...
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Release neck pain to improve posture and eyesight

As a Bates Method and yoga teacher, I pay attention to the whole body, the posture and the breathing. For this post, we will only look at the upper body, specifically the neck, jaw and temples,...
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The Science of Sunning or Without Light There Is No Vision

People often ask me why sunning your eyes is so beneficial? The short answer is that our cone cells need light to see colors and details, and sunlight is the healthiest source of light out...
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