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Our Mission

The Naturally Clear Vision Institute’s mission is to empower 10 million people worldwide to see clearly without glasses or surgery by 2030. Our Vision is to expand freedom and confidence to live life’s true purpose. Poor eyesight and compromised vision affect every aspect of one’s life.

For almost all people, age and genetics have a far lower impact on the quality of their vision than lifestyle factors like stress management, healthy diet, gut health, sleep, movement, mindset, and others.

We strive to help people make better choices for their eyesight by understanding how their daily choices and actions support or deteriorate their eye health.

Claudia's Story

Like you, I struggled with my vision. From an early age I had trouble seeing well and using my eyes together; my right eye kept turning in. The decision was made for me to get glasses before I even turned three.

And even though they helped me see better, they created a lot of pain, especially once I started school. I got teased and bullied. None of the cool kids wanted to play with me. Glasses were not hip back then.

Years later I joined a handball team. I wasn’t allowed to wear the glasses during practice for safety reasons. As my skills and confidence grew, my eyesight improved and after a few years of playing I was able to ditch the glasses.

I had this taste of freedom, of feeling attractive and successful… but it was short lived.

During my rocky marriage my eyesight declined again and I found myself back in glasses. I eventually divorced and lived the life of a single mom, sleep deprived and constantly stressed.

One day I decided to take a friend up on an invite to a party in East Los Angeles. Everybody at the party was good-looking and sexy.

I didn’t know any of the guests and felt incredibly disconnected. After an hour I decided to drive back to my home in West Los Angeles.

It was a moonless night. I got lost in a sketchy part of Downtown Los Angeles and had to pull out the Thomas guide; no Google maps back then. The print was so tiny I could barely read anything.

Somehow I made it home. When I took my glasses off, everything was super blurry, much more than normally.

My Epiphany

After a few minutes of crying, I had an epiphany…

My emotional well-being was related to my visual well-being. When I was confused and insecure about where I was and how I fit into the world, my vision was blurry. When I was happy, successful and felt connected to others, my vision was clear.

Serendipity had my yoga teacher just complete her Natural Vision Improvement Teacher Training, and was looking for her first clients. I worked with her one on one and my vision improved rapidly.

I felt Joy

I felt joy that I hadn’t felt in years, and I started to feel attractive and sexy again. 40+ didn’t feel like being over the hill anymore.

I immersed myself in the study of eyesight. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became with vision, realizing it goes well beyond the eyeball.

From the moment I helped my very first client during my own Bates Method Teacher Training at the College of Vision Education in London I knew this was what I was born to do.

Since then I have helped thousands to improve their eyesight naturally and feel better overall. In addition to my Bates Method certification I am certified as a Yogaworks 200hr Yoga Teacher as well as a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method Teacher. I am so grateful to be able to do this life that connects my clients back to their purpose, confidence and freedom.

Member of:

  • Bates Association of Vision Education
  • Association of Vision Educators
  • Verein Für Gesundes Sehen
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