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Over half the people in the United States wear corrective lenses, and almost all of them are capable of seeing much more clearly if they would only experiment with changing their ideas about vision”

Dr. Jacob Liberman

3 Principles of Healthy Vision


Both our eyes and our mind needperiods of rest to function properly.Learn the Bates technique ofpalming and see the difference.


Sunlight is very important for our bodies and optimal eyesight. Learn why exposing your eyes to sunlight will help your vision.


Our eyes can only see a small point perfectly clear. Learn why eye movement is key to clear central and expanded peripheral vision.

21 Days to Better Eyesight Experience

A three week, 3 module vision improvement program that you will give you a solid understanding of vision improvement:Relaxation of eyes, body and mind. You will get easy to follow along vision practices, breath techniques and myofascial rollouts to relax deeply.

What our Customers are Saying...

This training dovetails with my other self-care practices so well. I have taken my eyes, and lack of good eyesight, for granted and accepted the contacts and readers way too long.

Diane Crosby

Oh… my… goodness! What a game changer. I am LOVING these tension busting relaxation practices. This one is incredible. The releases I’ve felt are so deep. I don’t enjoy going on FB, but these practices make me excited to share my experience and read about other folks.

Caren Skibell

Fabulous! Everything about this course worked for me. I loved the experiences and the thinking behind the experiences. These are life practices that I will incorporate daily into my routine. I love that I don’t feel like I have to do 90 minutes straight of eyeball exercises to get the vision that I’m working for!

Karla Huntsman

Eyes felt very lubricated. Enjoying the short videos and tasks that can be completed almost anywhere. Sharing a checklist or daily routine would be fantastic.

Sonja Woynick

What a wonderful course! ?
I love the short, clear instructions of the simple activities that can be easily implemented in a daily routine. My daughter of 13 years followed the course with me and she liked it as well (it’s sometimes a challenge to keep a teenager’s attention ?)
Now it’s up to us to make these good habits last but knowing that Claudia will be there in case we need her is very reassuring!

Maaike Cardinaels

I noticed my vision became sharper after my first palming session.

Suzanne El Gamal

About Claudia

Hi, I am Claudia Muehlenweg, the founder of the Naturally Clear Vision Institute and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method.

I hated my glasses from the day I got them at the age of three, and I have made it my mission to help others see naturally… just like I did over 20 years ago.

Since starting my holistic vision coaching business in 2009, I have become a sought-after international speaker and workshop leader.

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